First Impressions

Showing your property at its best

We’re all familiar with the tips about brewing coffee and baking fresh bread. Although you don’t need to go to quite those lengths, it does pay to present your property at its best. The more effort you put in, the better sale price you stand to achieve.

We will give you tips about what is worth spending time and money on – we can also give professional help through our Design Team who can arrange anything from some staging, to a complete makeover. We have our own photographers, floor plans and brochure design to make sure that we are presenting your property beautifully.

Treat your viewings as a first date – highlight the most attractive features of your property. Declutter, make sure lightbulbs work, tidy your wardrobes (people will open them), plant bright flowers in the window boxes and hide the dustbins. It’s more about effort than expenditure but it never does any harm to critique your property through the eyes of others.


A great place to live and work with a lively mix of trendy restaurants, pubs and cafes. Our award winning office takes pride of place on the main street. Our door is always open and visitors receive a warm welcome.